Gong Jin Dan


Gong Jin Dan

Gong Jing Dan, known as the Super Tonic Ball, is a combination of very specific Traditional Chinese herbs. It is for the improvement of energy and strengthening of the mental and physical constitution. This works by tonifying the body fluid and balancing between organs. Gong Jin Dan, also known as the “Emperor’s Medicine” was quite popular among the imperial family.  In a history, Gong Jin Dan had been offered to an emperor in ancient China by one of great physician because the emperor was busy and stressed with politics at daytime and spend energy with ladies at night times. 

Gong Jin Dan is mainly used for treating fatigue and it has anti-fatigue properties.[1]

During treatment, you might feel energy enhancement and improvement of the internal organs by reducing chronic fatigue. It may also treats low blood pressure, dizziness and light headedness. This treatment is also suitable for those who always feel cold, since it warms up the body and improves overall blood circulation.

Gong Jin Dan is know for helping the following issues: 

  • Treating low energy and chronic fatigue
  • Eliminating physical exhaustion
  • Treating hypotension (low blood pressure)
  • Increasing energy following any surgery
  • Regulating menstrual cycles (amenorrhea)
  • Eliminating physical exhaustion
  • Strengthening muscles and bones
  • Improving Qi (energy) and blood
  • Boosting up the immune system
  • Harmonizing internal organs
  • Preventing various diseases
  • Warming up the body
  • Enhancing memory and concentration

However, the benefits and results may vary by person.


Gong Jin Dan 


Gong Jin Dan is expensive. However, you need to take at least 30 days continuously to get a good effect of this herbal medicine. 


In my experience, with MokHyang Gong Jin Dan, you need to take at least 5 day continuously by taking one a day to notice the effect of Gong Jin Dan. If serious cases, you can take 1 pills twice a day to get better and faster effect. 



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