Digestion Issue (1) - General Understanding


Digestion Issue (1) - General Understanding

Simply, the digestive systems are organs which are related to the digestion. They consist of GI tract organs and Other helping organs such as Liver, Gall Bladder, and Pancrease. For digestions, a lot of enzymes are involved to absorb a good nutrition into our body. The tube organ is divided into many different organ depending on its functions - GI tract are the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus.

Mainly we call Digestive system as Stomach. When we have a problem with digestion, we go to GP and get some prescription such as Nexium or Somac for acid reflux, some digestion enzymes. or gaviscon from the chemist.


However, the digestion doesn't occur by stomach itself. It is helped by other organs such as Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, GallBlader

Stomach image

How Eastern Medicine sees the digestive system

Eastern medicine also explains the same as western medicine anatomically. However the functions of each organ are explained differently. 

Digestion part of our body is represented as EARTH energy, which is the main energy source after we were born.


Five Elements

Digestive system in the Eastern Medicine consists of Stomach and Spleen (including Pancreas). Spleen is a storing organ and Stomach is a tube organ. Eastern Medicine thinks food passes into the Stomach and the Stomach breaks food and make it ready to absorb. Spleen absorbs the energy from Stomach and sends a clear energy to Lung.

Therefore, the digestion is not the stomach issue alone. Digestive system affected by Liver and GallBladder, get helped by Spleen (&Pancreas)


How the Eastern Medicine solve digestion Issue

The Eastern Medicine deals all about the energy flow in our body. Generally the digestion issue can be solved by acupuncture and herbal medicine to break out the blockage of Energy (氣 - Qi) to make the energy of Stomach move freely. Then we tonify and boost the energy of Stomach and Spleen by acupuncture methods and various herbal medicine formula.