Digestion Issue (2) - Various Indigestion Issues


Digestion Issue (2) - Various Indigestion Issues

Stomach discomfort may be called a stomach pain which can be described as aching, stabbing, burning, twisting, cramping, dull, or gnawing. And It also can be described as bloating, burping, wind, fever, heartburn, vomiting, or loss of appetite.

With one sentence, "My digestion is poor".  With the above symptoms can be appeared due to from simple indigestion to very serious issue such as stomach cancer.  If this symptoms continuous and serious, you may suspect the following diseases such as peptic ulcer, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease(GORD), appendicitis, gall stone, or period pain. 

Otherwise, stomach discomfort occurs by indigestion, IBS, food poisoning, ulcer, GORD, diverticulitis, gall stone, ...., etc. [1]  

Well, most cases you go to GP, and GP will prescribe Nexium or Somac when you have Heart Burn or Acid Reflux.

Bloating, indigestion and discomfort stomach



What causes a stomach discomfort or pain in Eastern Medicine 

According to DongUi BoGam[3] (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine), Stomach discomfort or indigestion can be caused by the following reasons[2]:  

1. Tofu poison : Stomach discomfort or pain happens by eating a tofu. When a tofu become hard, it is hard to digest.

2. Noodle poison : After eating a food made of flour such as noodle, one gets affected by cold energy(weather or water) or his/her stomach transportation function down due to SPLEEN deficiency , a stomach discomfort or pain happens. 

3. Noodle stasis:  One of food stagnation, Similar to the Noodle poison. It happens when eating food made of flour and Stomach discomfort occurs

4. Lump in the abdomen : Due to Stomach and Spleen Energy stagnation with deficiency, Phlegm, food, and blood combine together and make a lump in the abdomen. when food stagnation happens, food cannot be digested.

5. Spleen and Kidney chronic deficiency : Due to Kidney Yang energy deficiency, Kidney and Spleen yang energy both become deficient. Food cannot be digested easily with knee cold sensation, back pain, swollen body. 

6. Indigestion : Food doesn't get digested. 

7. Food(old) stagnation: Food stagnation has been there for a long time. Overeating or Spleen deficiency cause indigestion.

8. Stomach Energy is not harmonised:  Stomach function becomes weak. Loss of appetite, Bloating, Cannot sleep well, Bowel motion is irregular.

9. Meat stasis: When eating too much meat or raw meat while Spleen and Stomach are weak. Bloating, vomiting, diarrhea happens.

10. No digestion : Due to Stomach and Spleen's transfer and transportation function deficiency. Bloating and chest stuffiness

11. Diarrhea : Diarrhea due to food stagnation

12. Bird Meat poison: Indigestion by eating Bird Meat

13. Pain by Stomach Cold : Spleen and Stomach are not strong and become cold. or due to eating too much cold food. 

14. Chest tightness and stuffiness: Damp turbidity blocks Stomach which causes energy (氣-기,Chi,Qi) stagnation, which causes dry cough and burping. Annoying but doesn't have a pain.


In the Eastern Medicine, we treat each cause differently. 




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