Health Maintenance


Health Maintenance

In our body, there are nerve system, blood system, lymph system. which wrap and flow our bones, muscles, and organs. However, there is ENERGY (氣) flow in our body.  We maintain our body with food and exercise to use longer and live happy.


Health maintenance is important


How to maintain Energy Flow(氣) in the body.

. Exercise - The most popular method

. Acupuncture - Specific method for boosting Energy Flow

. Food - The source of Energy.

. Herbal Medicine - Help Energy flow in our body.


How acupuncture helps Energy Flow(氣) in the body

Fine needle is used for helping energy flow(氣) in the body. Acupuncture uses a specific acupuncture points in our body to help energy flow for our organs and meridians. It stimulates our body not only muscles, but also organs by using nervous system, lymph system, blood system and hormonal system, etc. 

Regular acupuncture helps free flow of Energy (氣) and prevents from Energy flow stagnation symptoms, which is pain, discomfort, disease states.


Acupuncture is also used to fix our body problem.  In Eastern Medicine, we believe that all our body problems comes from the stagnation of Energy Flow, so helping free flow of Energy is solving our body problems. 

Maintain your health