High Blood Pressure


High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Everybody know high blood pressure is not a good sign in our health. This increases the chances of developing Heart Disease, Stroke, Chronic Kidney Disease, Eye Pressure, Erectile Dysfunction and other conditions.

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The causes of hypertension is still unknown, but the risk factors can be life style, smoking, obesity, high salt consumption, alcohol, high cholesterol level, family history, and diabetes. Some causes of hypertension can be narrowing the arteries of kidney or hormonal conditions [1].

The treatment can be taking medicine or changing the life style

What acupuncture can do

Journal of acupuncture for High blood pressure


Acupuncture treatment can lower the high blood pressure according to the above journal for Stage 1 Hypertension[2]

Acupuncture may have a similar effects or more strong effects of changing the life style by modifying the energy flow (氣 - 기, Qi, Chi) in the human body. Therefore regular treatment can have the effect of lowering high blood pressure. 


However, we recommends that patients who takes high blood pressure medication should consult with their GP and may take combined treatment with acupuncture and medication. 



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