Cupping is one of well known methods to remove stasis and make circulation better. The difference from massage is that it uses negative pressure to help improve health issues. 

Cupping makes mark on the body for around 1 weeks depending on conditions. 

However, cupping should be applied with cautious. It can make blister on the body and might be infected. So please ask your practitioner about the cupping. 


Cupping has 3 different methods

  1.  Dry Cupping - Which has been used in Australia widely in the clinic or massage shop. It is done around 10 minutes to 20 miutes depends on the body structure and strength.
  2. Wet Cupping - We use cupping to take blood out in the cupping area. It has been used widely in Korea, but not in Australia. It may cause some infection issues. However, it has a certain effect and remove blood stasis in the body quickly. 
  3. Blister Cupping - This kind of cupping is not known very much. We let cups in the body longer time to make blister intentionally. This cupping is rarely used, however, some says this quite powerful. It removes uric acid in our body. 


In Australia, dry cupping is widely applicable.  It can apply for 10 minutes to 15 minutes generally, and can be extended longer.

In our clinic, we do not provide cupping only treatment. We provide cupping with acupuncture in case where it is needed.  Not all cupping is good, therefore cupping is also used cautiously depending on the body structure.