WELL-BEING Acupuncture Package

  • 4 Weeks of Issue Treatment
  • 4 Weeks of Digestive Enhancement Treatment
  • 4 Weeks of Energy (氣) and Blood (血) Boosting Treatment



Being well is very important in our life. Everybody want to have a good healthy life by eating a good healthy food, walking, running, cycling, weight training, yoga, meditation, etc. 

On top of these efforts, acupuncture treatment will provide extra boosting for your health by helping Energy(氣) and Blood(血) circulation

Our acupuncture clinic provides an acupuncture service focusing on WELL-BEING by 3 stage treatment. 

Well being img1
Well being img1

  4 Weeks of Issue Treatment


Everybody has some issues in their health. However, those issues are not severe so that people ignore those issues until they get worse and need a care.

The issues can be
   - Tiredness
   - Headache
   - Pain here and there (such as neck, shoulder, back, knee, leg area)
   - Insomnia
   - Anxiety
   - Stress related issues
   - Depression
   - Bloating, Heart Burn
   - Loose Bowel, IBS
   - Allergies
   - etc...

So First 4 weeks, we focus on the issues that your body presents by acupuncture. 

4 Weeks of Digestive Strengthening

Digestive organ is very important in the Eastern Medicine Theory because it is the foundation of Energy and Blood after birth. 

What we eat is what we become

Even if you eat very good food, you cannot get 100% benefit if your digestive system is not efficient. Furthermore, we eat too much and too well, which gives too much burden to our digestive system. 


Therefore, next 4 weeks, we focus on strengthening your digestive organ by acupuncture. 

Stomach Pain and bloating



4 Weeks of Energy(氣) and Blood(血) Boosting

Final stage of WELL-BEING is booting Energy and Blood in your body. 

Abundant of Energy and Blood in your body represents that you have a strong immunities in current western terminology.  If you have full of Energy and Blood in your body, you won't feel too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Generally, you become more strong in term of life energy.


Last 4 weeks, we focus on more Energy and Blood boosting helping circulation and enhancing digestive function by acupuncture and herbal medicine. 


Acupuncture will help you being WELL in the component of Physical, Emotional area

Well being img1