Moxa sticks are made from the leaves of a plant (Artemisia argyi) and used to stimulate acupunture points. The Moxa has undergone a charcoal process to produce a stick that produce less smoke.

The Moxa stick can be applied for five to seven minutes over each point or until the area begins to feel uncomfortably hot. 


Moxibustion has 3 different method to heat up the body meridians. 

  1. Direct Moxibustion - we burn dried mugwart (쑥, AiYe) on the skin, so that heat penetrating skin and burns skin. It may cause skin burning with blister, and the mark will last more than 3 years.
  2. Indirect moxibustion using ginger, garlic - It is very similar to the direct moxibustion, but we use ginger slice or garlic slice between skin and dried mugwart (쑥, AiYe). It prevents from the skin burning and the skin absorbs the ingredients of slices.
  3. Indirect moxibustion - which doesn't burn the skin. It rather make it hot on the spot as in the photos.


In this clinic, we provides the indirect moxibustion so that it won't make mark on the skin but still has effect of moxibustion.  It is part of acupuncture treatment. Sometimes, we use only moxibustion as acupuncture treatment without using acupuncture needles.