Treatment Servicing Area

Treatment Servicing Area


Our Acupuncture Clinic is happy to accept visitors for any suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We are located in Camberwell Victoria and regularly receive customers from the following suburbs for the following services:


Acupuncture in Melbourne

Herbal Medicine in Melbourne


Hawthorn Acupuncture

Hawthorn Herbal Medicine


Hawthorn East Acupuncture

Hawthorn East Herbal Medicine


Balwyn Acupuncture

Balwyn Herbal Medicine


Canterbury Acupuncture

Canterbury Herbal Medicine


Box Hill Acupuncture

Box Hill Herbal Medicine


Burwood Acupuncture

Burwood Herbal Medicine


Doncaster Acupuncture

Doncaster Herbal Medicine


Surrey Hills Acupuncture

Surrey Hills Herbal Medicine


Glen Iris Acupuncture

Glen Iris Herbal Medicine


Malvern Acupuncture

Malvern Herbal Medicine


Kew Acupuncture

Kew Herbal Medicine









Health with Him Acupuncture clinic takes comprehensive care for people. We provide acupuncture, herbal medicine service, diet and lifestyle advice to the following condition with a holistic approach. 

- Pain Management
- Stress Management 
- Mental Health
- Women's Health
- Digestive
- Chroni cough, Hay fever, etc
- General well-being, fatigue, immunity


CALL & SMS : 0491 613 246

Suite 10 / 493 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

Suite 10 / 493 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia