Acupuncture Service


In our body, energy(氣-기, Chi, Qi),  and blood flows. If they are not flowing well, some pain disease occurs. Acupuncture helps the energy and blood to flow freely and help preventing and curing disease.

Acupuncture is the first method for imbalanced body which is discomfort states of the body.  It can be combined with other method such as Moxibustion, Cupping, Tui-Na massage.


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Herbal Medicine Service 


Eastern Herbal Medicine is also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Eastern herbal medicine is different from Naturopathy.  Eastern herbal medicine is using combination of a few herbs to treat or modify the Energy and Blood flow in our body.  Acupuncture gives impacts outside and it fixes inside of our body, and herbal medicine goes inside and it fixes outside of our body.  The formulas of herbal medicine have been approved for thousands years in East Asia. Most of our herbs are similar to food grade supplements. For example, we use skin of mandarin (mandarin peel) to promote Energy(氣). We need food to survive, but food cannot give all ingredients, so we needs a certain herbs as supplement for our body to fix a certain disease.


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Moxibustion is a method using warm energy to fix a certain issues in our body.  It provides Yang energy in our body

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Cupping provides a negative pressure to remove stagnation in our body.

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Ear Acupuncture

Ear Acupuncture is simple form of acupuncture and it provides reflexology effect. It has been used often for addiction treatment and mental issues

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Tui-Na is a kind of massage to help removing stagnation in our body.