Many people suffer indigestion in modern society.  Indigestion is caused by many reasons. First of all, overeating, fast eating, and heavy eating causes indigestion without doubts. Other reasons can be having too much carbonated drink, smoking, taking caffeines, spicy and fatty food, mental issues such as depression and stress, pregnancy, a certain medicines, etc.


We might have symptoms of indigestion1 such as

  • Bloating, belching and gas
  • Fullness, acid reflux
  • Heart Burns
  • Nausea and vomiting if severe cases
  • Stomach pain....

What is well known remedy?

  • Eat slowly and chew well
  • Avoid late-night eating
  • Avoid a certain food such as spicy or allergic food
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid alcohol

I think the best well-known and fasted remedy is taking medicine such as Gaviscon.  However, I doubt whether it fixes the underline problems.


How does Eastern Medicine see the indigestion?

Basic causes of indigestion is accumulation of food and phlegm-dampness. Irregular eating habit, overeating and imbalanced eating damages the energy of digestive organ (Spleen).  Lack of energy for transformation and transportation function of Spleen (including Pancreas) causes food accumulation. Phlegm-damp is accumulated in the digestive organ due to having stress and overworking which causes abnormal fluid and metabolism. There is also one important reason to get indigestion. That is the Stress.

Simply, we divides where you get indigestion. 

- feeling indigested in the chest area

- pain and very uncomfortable just below sternum (xiphoid process)

- pain or uncomfortable above the belly button

- pain or discomfort under rib area

- pain or discomfort below belly button. 

We give different treatment according to symptoms and signs. 


How does Eastern Medicine treat the indigestion?

First, we move Energy (氣 - 기, Chi, Qi) and Blood in our body to remove blockage in the stomach area by acupuncture or herbal medicine. For the acupucnture, we use hands and feet, arms and legs, and stomach and back area to remove the blockae and to help the energy of Stomach and Spleen.

For the herbal medicine, we use purgative herbs, harmonising herbs, herb that remove blood stagnation herbs, etc depending on the symptoms and signs.

Chronic indigestion takes time to fix because it is chronic. However, the digestive part in our body is one of the most important part. Without a strong digestive function, we cannot live well and healthy. 



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