Long COVID Recovery


Post COVID-19 and Long COVID Recovery

COVID-19 symptoms are various among the people. The symptoms are similar to Flu like symptoms but it can be worse than flu and you may end up into hospital for treatment. 

Corona virus and cough


Even if you have mild COVID-19, you may get the LONG COVID symptoms after post COVID-19. 

Common symptoms during recovery phase [1]

  • fatigue
  • cough
  • breathless
  • joint or muscle pain
  • chest pain 
  • change of smell and taste
  • mood swinging

other symptoms may occurs after COVID-19 recovery

  • low-grade fever
  • headache
  • memory loss
  • muscle pain
  • rash
  • digestive issues
  • depression


How acupuncture and Eastern Herbal Medicine may help the long COVID symptoms

Acupuncture is to help move the energy in our body (氣-기, Chi, Qi) and blood, so that our body itself can fix problems that are caused by COVID-19. We uses a specific acupuncture points for a specific symptoms such as chronic fatigue, cough, etc. Acupuncture is a good natural method to help recovering from long COVID-19 symptoms. 

German researchers mentioned dandelion and pomegranate peel are effect for inhibit spike protein in COVID[2] .

Traditional Eastern Herbal medicine can be used according to symptoms. During COVID-19 infection, our body spends a lot of energy to fight against Corona virus, so we get tired easily after COVID recovery. We may promote our body with a certain traditional herbal medicine such as Ginseng. Further more, chronic dry cough may happens after COVID-recovery due to being damaged in Lung Energy(氣) and Lung Yin Fluid. We can provide a certain herbal medicine to tonify Lung Energy and Fluid



This COVID-19 is different from other Flu, It has lingering symptoms due to our body doesn't have enough energy to remove the symptoms of COVID-19 thoroughly and our body doesn't have ability to recover itself quickly. Eastern Medicine in Korea uses Gong Jin Dan for chronic fatigue symptoms.

We can use acupuncture and eastern herbal medicine to boost our body to help our body become normal as quickly as possible.



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